Eschmann TD830 Diathermy

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Eschmann TD830 Diathermy

Designed for speed, accuracy and simplicity of use, the TD830 electrosurgery unit offers outstanding performance and safety at the touch of a button.

Two generators in one electrosurgery unit
Bipolar and monopolar outputs are available simultaneously and work independently of each other. In addition a second monopolar output is available on a first come first served basis.

For outstanding performance in electrosurgery
TD830 bipolar and monopolar generators provide cutting and coagulation output modes; each is easy to use, giving optimal speed and precision which is essential when the minimisation of tissue damage is a priority.

Designed for ease of use
The simple clear colour coded front panel enables the user to select monopolar and bipolar modes at the touch of a button. The pull-out card in the bottom of the unit gives guidance on basic set up and fault conditions, ensuring training requirements are kept to a minimum in busy operating theatres. The front panel alarm identification will illuminate to prompt corrective action should a fault condition arise.

Safety first for the patient and operator
Eschmann have always known that safety is of key importance. As such the 
TD830 electrosurgery unit has been designed to incorporate advanced safety monitors which work together to minimise the risk to the patient, surgeon and theatre staff. These include Patient Continuity, Plate Attachment (divided plates), Patient Earth, Plate Voltage and Excess Power Monitors.