New and Used Medical Equipment - FAQ
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FAQ: Why doesn't your website have prices?
    We have chosen to no longer display prices as the market is so volatile for many of these items that the day to day changes in price sometimes needed, would be a job in itself, just to keep up with it all.

Also we like to have some flexibility in our pricing structures, and don't really like the rigid format that pricing on the website would suggest. For example, a customer purchasing a camera system may pay one price, but if that customer also bought a mobile X-Ray, some Endoscopes and the Camera System, we may be able to offer them a package deal. This is not always possible, depending on the items, but we like to arrange deals with our clients that leave them with the feeling they have the best deal possible. Of course the decision to offer a package deal like this is entirely at the Director's discretion and it is not a guaranteed offer but we do have that flexibility we will employ where possible.