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Dyonics POWER Shaver system DYONICS POWER, the high performance shaver system that gives you more effective torque and flexibility for arthroscopic procedures. DYONICS POWER delivers a new level of blade acceleration for more aggressive cutting ability . Blade Family Recognition, which recalls a surgeon's preferred blade speed settings and all-in-one capability that allows powering a drill, sagittal saw and accessories from the same system. More than a shaver, DYONICS POWER also gives you unmatched product reliability, performance consistency and service capabilities from the market leader in athroscopic shavers and blades. It adds up to the best value in power shaver systems. Provides more efffective cutting in oscillate mode for increased performance. Recognizes blade families and recalls the last surgeon's preferred straight, curved, and burr speed settings, for reduced setup time.Allows the surgeon to power a drill and sagittal saw from one control unit, for consistency from procedure to procedure.99.87% control unit up-time for utmost reliability.Blade and burr options include straight, curved and Orbit rotatable curved blades, in standard and long lengths. All blades and burrs are color-coded.
Hall Recipricater Saw system 3 with hose
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Hall Zimmer OTOTOME DrillHall Zimmer OTOTOME Drill