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Light Sources

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Atlantec AL-1 Light SourceAtlantec AL-1 Lightsource Serial/Asset No:
Olympus CLH-250 Cold Light Halogen Light Source
Powerful illumination and simple design - introducing the CLH-250, the affordable high power halogen light source from Olympus making it well-suited for TV observation.
Features include:
  • 250 watt halogen lamp
  • Only 295mm x 375mm
  • Lightweight - only 9.5kg
  • Manual diaphragm brightness control
  • Lower lamp replacement cost than xenon light sources
Olympus CLV-U20 Xenon Light SourceXenon Light Source Compatible with Both Fiberscopes and Videoscopes The CLV-U20 is a versatile xenon light source which may be combined with various systems, ranging from the OES fiberscope to the EVIS 200 System to the rigidscope system. Employing.a 300W xenon system, the light intensity for still photography increases to 1.5 times the maximum viewing illumination, enabling sharp, bright images. The CLV-U20 is a truly powerful light source which satisfies virtually all endoscopic requirements.Lamp 300W
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Smith & Nephew Dyonics 300XL Xenon lightsourceSmith & Nephew Dyonics Xenon Lightsource MODEL 300XL